The American Society of Irrigation Consultants (ASIC) board of directors unanimously selected recently retired Professional Irrigation Consultant Carol Colein from Laingsburg, Mich., as its new executive director. Colein succeeds Norman Bartlett, who retired as ASIC executive director January 1, 2012.

Founder and principal of C.J. Colein & Associates, Inc., Colein has been involved in golf course irrigation since 1969, originally with golf irrigation contractor A.J. Miller, Inc. In 1981, Colein formed one of the first independent irrigation consulting firms outside of the western U.S. providing comprehensive commercial, sports turf and golf irrigation services.

In addition to successfully managing her company, Colein has been an activist for the irrigation industry over the years, holding positions on ASIC and Irrigation Association (IA) boards of director, as well as the IA Certification Board of Governors. In addition to her intimate understanding of complex water-use issues and creative solutions to irrigation design and performance challenges, Colein brings business and communications expertise to the Society.

In summer 2011 ASIC formed a selection committee of members from all regions of the country to provide qualified candidates to its board of directors. Four finalists were presented to the ASIC board in early November, and a unanimous vote was cast in December.

“Initially, Colein will focus on providing continuity to the Society. “We were handed an excellent framework and have a solid foundation to build on,” Colein said. “Our thanks go to Norm and Kathleen Bartlett for their great work as our past management team.

“I am so honored to have been selected as ASIC’s executive director,” she added. “I’ve been a passionate supporter of ASIC and the irrigation profession for…let’s just say a lot of years. This new assignment is a great opportunity for me to continue my ongoing love affair with the irrigation industry. And, with help from the members and many friends in the industry and related organizations, I plan to make a positive impact on the organization and help ensure its continued success in the coming years.”

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