Conserva Irrigation launches national franchise expansion

Conserva Irrigation, a national outdoor irrigation company founded on the concept of water conservation, announced that it is actively seeking potential franchise candidates to expand the brand’s national footprint. Conserva Irrigation is built around a franchise business model targeting the repair and maintenance of both commercial and residential sprinkler systems.

In 2010, with more than 10 years of irrigation experience, Conserva Irrigation founder Russ Jundt became increasingly disturbed by the tremendous amount of water wasted by the typical irrigation system. In conjunction with support from Outdoor Living Brands, he founded Conserva Irrigation to directly address this waste. Specifically, Conserva developed a proprietary process to audit irrigation systems called the System Efficiency Score (SES) to rate the water efficiency of a system based on a numerical scale. Conserva’s SES rating system is based on studies published by the Irrigation Association and the Environmental Protection Agency. This systemized approach allows homeowners to understand how much water their sprinkler systems are wasting, as well as what improvements to make in order to reduce water consumption and lower water bills.

“Having witnessed the unbelievable amount of water that is wasted annually by inefficient sprinkler systems, Conserva Irrigation was created to help customers conserve water while also keeping their lawns and landscape material both healthy and green,” said Russ Jundt, founder of Conserva Irrigation. “We are excited to offer qualified entrepreneurs nationwide an opportunity to join the Conserva family and capitalize on the growing demand for water efficient irrigation systems in order to help preserve a limited natural resource.”

In order to offer customers the best choice in irrigation system technology, Conserva Irrigation’s franchisees will benefit from the company’s exclusive use of outdoor products from Toro. Toro’s water-efficient retrofit products, including the Evolution controller, Precision Series spray nozzles, and T5 RapidSet rotors all help reduce system water consumption by 40 to 60 percent. This, coupled with Conserva’s SES auditing process, will greatly reduce or eliminate runoff and irrigation system waste, which the EPA indicates may be as high as 1.5 billion gallons per day.

Other brand partners include SiteOne Landscape Supply, the nation’s largest supplier of wholesale irrigation products, and HindSite Software, a leading field service software platform for irrigation professionals. These strategic partnerships allow Conserva Irrigation to offer franchisees industry-leading training and support, as well as competitive savings on equipment and services. In addition to these partnerships, Conserva’s business model focuses on maintenance and service to generate strong gross profit margins and recurring revenue, and productize the service through fixed-price maintenance packages and flat rate pricing for repairs. Another component of the operational model includes national commercial accounts that serve as built in business for new franchisees.

“Conserva Irrigation offers potential franchisees the unique opportunity to establish relationships with top brand names in the industry such as Toro, SiteOne Landscape Supply and HindSite Software,” says Jundt. “Our differentiated business model of professionalizing the irrigation industry through a nationally branded company coupled with our focus on service plans as a consistent revenue stream is a proven method to success.”

Conserva Irrigation currently operates in 32 territories throughout the country, including recently signed agreements for territories in Houston, Texas; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Lexington and Louisville, Ky.; and Richmond, Va. Conserva Irrigation’s franchise growth is backed by Outdoor Living Brands, which partnered with Conserva in 2012 to develop the business model and ensure that it was “replicatable and repeatable” to be expanded in a franchise business model. In addition to Conserva Irrigation, Outdoor Living Brands offers franchise opportunities in the growing outdoor living niche with brands such as Mosquito Squad, Archadeck, Renew Crew and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.


To fuel Conserva Irrigation’s growth, the company is seeking single- and multi-unit operators with a range of experience levels, as well as those looking for add-on or conversion business opportunities. Potential franchisee candidates should be willing to invest between $43,550 and $80,250. Incentives are also available for veterans, multi-territory agreements and those with existing businesses or are an employee of an existing franchisee.

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